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We believe a strong body is the foundation of a good life!
Welcome to Premier Physical Therapy
Premier Physical Therapy has strived to become the "Premier" provider of physical therapy services for Ballard, McCracken and surrounding Western Kentucky counties. Patients can be confident they are putting their body and health in the hands of some of the most qualified, experienced and progressive specialists in the field of rehabilitation, fitness and performance as well as massage therapy.

Patients begin with a thorough assessment of past medical history and current symptoms. This is followed by a detailed evaluation that investigates not only the local problem but also the influence of adjacent areas in creating or maintaining symptoms or dysfunction. Our comprehensive evaluations allow us to find problems that have not yet been diagnosed which when corrected accelerate the recovery process and lock in the gains made.

To meet these goals we will:

  • Assign you a therapist so you will have continuity of care.
  • Ensure that you get effective communication and quality time with your therapist.
  • Educate you about your diagnoses allowing you to set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Make your rehabilitation as pain free as possible letting you know what to expect in advance.
  • Provide you with an individualized home program to supplement and complement treatments.
  • Develop programs utilizing our advanced expertise in manual, orthopedic and sports PT.
  • Maintain communication with your physician and insurance carrier.
Specialists in Orthopedic, Sports and Manual Therapy
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